Markets and public events

Full capability to set up and operate a 3M by 3M kiosk serving jumbo slices, garlic knots and chilled drinks. We have a proven track record at events such as the Etisalat Beach Canteen, Ripe Markets, and MOTB.

Pizza Party at Pitfire

Why not reserve our entire restaurant for a private pizza party? Our Cluster D location has outdoor seating for 18, and indoor seating for up to 10. See our Group Packages below and/or call us to discuss packages and timing.

Corporate & Group Packages

Nothing says party like stacks of pizza boxes! Whether it be at the office or at home, Pitfire makes every party better. For large orders within our delivery area, call the store and we will customize a package to your needs. If you live/work outside our delivery area, call us for a chat anyway... if your party isn’t during our peak hours we’ll always try to make it work for you!

Parties at Home (Live Cooking)

Want to make your party the talk of the town? We can bring our branded setup to your home, for live cooking of slices, garlic knots, and/or pasta. For pizza preparation, access to a 34 amp plug is required to support our oven, and if pasta is offered, we require access to your kitchen. Minimum spend for a home event is AED 3,000 and we require at least two weeks notice.

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